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Therapy, Life-Coaching, and Educational Services

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About Us

Healed and Educated is a 100% virtual company that provides Wellness and Education Professional Services. The home company is located in NC, but most clients can be located anywhere. Therapy clients must reside in North Carolina

Our Services

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We provide individual and group virtual therapy. with teens and adults ages 12 and up. Click the button below to learn more, find groups and see prices

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Parenting Classes

We provide family coaching and parenting classes by certified Strengthening Family Coaches

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Life Coaching

We offer coaching programs that address typcial life issues without crossing the line into therapy.

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We provide tutoring and writing services in the form of one on one sessions, group sessions, or pre-recorded courses.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

One of our main priorities is making sure that we provide affordable access to care and services. Our rates are set, but we also offer scholarships when appropriate


The healing process is 100% client centered. Clients are active in the process of creating their treatment plans, goals, and deciding the next steps in their process

Integrative & Holistic

We do not subscribe to one specific modality. We use an integrative approach that allows us to draw from many different perspectives and create a treatment/goal plan that is 100% unique to your situation.

100% Virtual / Flexible

We provide services 100% virtually through a HIPAA-Compliant platform. We provide you the opportunity to schedule and reschedule your sessions online, so there is not a lot of back and forth.

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