Journalism Intern Information

In case anyone is not receiving my emails, I have created a page on my website for everyone to receive the necessary information:

1. Complete the Intern Information Form

Purpose: This just gets some basic information from you to have on file 

2. Review the Intern Manual and Sign the Internship Agreement (Sent: 08/29/2023)

If you did not receive this, please let me know. It was sent from

Purpose: Outlines requirements and expectations of the internship. 
This agreement shows the company name Healed and Educated, PLLC. This is my private practice that was just approved. I am still contracting with Carolina Community Support Services, so if that is what your school has written down (Rutgers), no worries! That is still your field placement. 

3. Review and Sign Blog Writer's Agreement (If it wasn't originally attached to your internship agreement)

Link: It will be emailed to you separately through DocuSign and will be from email:
Purpose: Outlines requirements and expectations of the blog posts.

4. Create A Company Email

Username: (Fist Name)(Last Initial)
Example: John Smith =
Initial Password: Intern2023! 

5. Log Into Website

Username: (Fist Name)(Last Initial)
Example: John Smith =
Initial Password: Intern2023! Purpose: This is how you will write and submit your blog post!

6. Save Zoom Link

This was emailed to you

7. Save This Call Scheduler Link

Purpose: Though you will be meeting with me weekly, if you have any questions you want to discuss privately, please let me know

8, Save this Link for School Assignment Submission


Purpose: If you are in school and you need me to review/sign any assignments or documents, please use this link. All assignments must be submitted at least 1 week prior to due date to give adequate time to review and sign 

Final Words

As I previously stated, I am so excited to work with you! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have