New Client Process

All clients go through the same 5-Step process when becoming a client, regardless what service they are getting. Take a look at the process below.

1. Screening/Consultation Call

The very first step is a screening call. We recognize that not all clients will be a great fit with our services, modalities, and  process. During the screening call, you will be provided with information for the type of service that you are requesting, you will provide information about your unique situation, and we will mutually decide if we are a good fit for the provider(s) available.

2. Intake Documents / Consents

After you have completed the contact form, you will be sent intake documents/consent forms for the specific services you are requesting. This must be completed before you begin sessions. 

3. Assessment

The first session or 2 will be considered an assessment. The assessment will consist of a host of general questions about your background, needs, and goals to begin creating a plan to get to your targer destination.

4. Goal Plan

Once your assessment’s complete, your professional will draft a Goal Plan with specific goals based on the service that you are receiving. You will have the opportunity to review the Goal Plan and suggest changes, additions, and omissions. Once we agree you will be asked to sign your Goal Plan to acknowledge that you agree and consent to the goals. You will not be scheduled for another session until this is signed.

5. Begin Sessions

After steps 1-4 are complete, you can begin scheduling regular sessions. You will be asked to review  your goal plan and sign an updated one every 3-Months.