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Tutoring & Writing Services

Individual Tutoring

Though virtual, our tutoring sessions are highly interactive. Students are allowed to control our computers from their own devices.

We often play games during our sessions and we continuously find ways to make learning fun for everyone.

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring can be an effective way, not only to save money, but to foster an environment of community and support from members.

Games and interactive activities are still incorporated into the sessions.

Though many people show concern for group tutoring dur to fears of isolation, and lack of confidence, we have found that most of our students greatly excel with a combination of individual and group tutoring/

Students must maintain appropriate behavior in group tutoring and there is 0 tolerance for bullying behavior. Any bullying or inappropriate behavior will be addressed, parents will be notified, and students may be expelled.

Homeschool Assistance

Homeschool is necessary for some student's and caretakers. It can bring peace with scheduling flexibility and a more tailored learning experience

However, some subjects you just may be more comfortable outsourcing. If you are interested in homeschool assistance where your student will follow a designated curriculum, have fun, and love learning, you have come to the right place

(Books, Games, etc)

COMING SOON: Soon we will have games, books. flashcards, and more available for purchase.

Why Choose Us

Affordable Pricing

One of our main priorities is making sure that we provide affordable access to serviced. Our rates are set, but we also offer scholarships when appropriate


The learning process is 100% client centered. Clients are active in the process of goal setting and identifying how they best learn

Integrative & Fun

We do not subscribe to one specific way to learn,. We use an integrate ,multiple approaches and allow the students to choose what works best for them

100% Virtual / Flexible

We provide services 100% virtually making it easy to access from anywhere as well as cut down on the need for cancelations.. We provide you the opportunity to schedule and reschedule your sessions online, so there is not a lot of back and forth.

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